Incest Phone Sex


Mommy/son incest phone sex roleplay is always smoking hot!  I love hearing a younger man confess to me about sniffing his mother’s panties back when he was a really horny teen and couldn’t control his urges.  Some callers tell me about how they got caught and other’s want to act out what would have happened if I were their mother and I had walked in on them masturbating in my bedroom.

Those types of incest phone sex calls are my favorites because you never quite know what my reaction might be.  One day I might be totally pissed and feel as if you need to be punished with an over the knee barehand spanking and on another day I might get totally turned on by the sight of your hard throbbing cock that I make you lie back on my bed so that I can ride you, good and hard.  Maybe I would want to feel your tongue flicking against my clitty so I would grind my pussy against your face, pinning you down until you make me cum.

I can be a very naughty mommy at times, but I know you’ll love it and you’ll want to keep cumming back for more.  Incest phone sex fantasy play is a great way to re-live all of your wet dreams with a mature and experienced MILF who has absolutely no limits at all.  Give me a call and let my soft and sexy voice seduce you tonight!


 Brandy – 1-888-678-4809

Yahoo Messenger: Cum2Brandy