Sissy Phone Sex


I had a really hot sissy phone sex encounter with a new caller this morning.  I could hear some buzzing going on in the background while we were talking and after a few minutes, he admitted that he was using a vibrator on his cock and balls.  He said the tip of his cock was throbbing and it felt really good but what he really needed was a real cock.

As it turns out, this phone sex sissy loves sucking cock so I told him that I wanted to send my boyfriend over to his house so he could gag the little faggot.  When I told him that my boyfriend has a 10-inch cock, he almost creamed right then and there.

A good little phone sex sissy boy will bend over and spread his cheeks for a rock hard cock and this one was no exception.  I made him shove his vibrator deep into his tight little hole and I made him cum in the pretty pink panties that he had put on before he called me.

I love extreme fantasy and fetish play and this call was no exception.  I can’t wait for the next smoking hot call that I do.  Maybe it will turn into a mutual masturbation play date!

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