Extreme Phone Sex Fetish Fun with Mommy Brandy

Recently, I have been speaking with a caller who has some very extreme phone sex humiliation fantasies.  He was a little bit shy, at first, to share his thoughts with me but after spending some time on the phone with him and getting to know a little bit about each other, he began to relax and feel comfortable letting go of his inhibitions and he felt as if he could trust me with his very taboo mommy phone sex secrets.  Let me point out (for obvious reasons) that even though I might share some fantasy secrets here on my blog, I will never disclose the name or identity of a caller in any way, either here or over the phone with other callers.  Discretion is very important to me.

Okay, so even though you won’t know who this particular caller is, I can tell you a little bit about his fetish and fantasy calls.

Our calls began with him disclosing some of the things that his mother used to do to him when he was a little boy and the things that brought on a humiliation phone sex obsession that becomes more extreme as our calls progress and continue.

He loves talking about his early memories about his mother and how excited he would become when he would watch her nursing his little baby brother and changing his brother’s diapers.  He has memories of his own little cock getting hard while he watched his brother sucking at his mother’s nipples or when his mother would clean his brother’s tiny penis as she cleaned him and freshened him for a clean diaper.

Those feelings became more intense as he grew into a pre-teen and his mother would sometimes have to spank him, over her knee and he would become very erect during the process.

Fast forward to now.  He said that he often fantasizes about his mother being very hard core with him and using him as her personal potty, covering him with her sweet wet juice and making him lick her bottom as she squats and spreads over his face.

His mommy phone sex fetish calls are very intense and he always enjoys a powerful orgasm during our telephone encounters and I love creating new and exciting fantasy scenarios that are customized to suit every one of his wet and wild dreams!

Call me and share your dirty secrets with me – I would love to make you cum too!

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Get on your knees and get ready to have a big fat cock shoved deep down your throat.  You know that you should be totally humiliated by the sound of my voice saying that but instead you get raging hard and drop instantly to your knees.  You can’t wait to show me what a cock sucking sissy faggot phone sex lover you are, can you?

I know exactly what you are looking for when you call and tell me that you are craving a hot load of cum.  You need your fix.  You need to have your mouth and maybe your ass used as a cum dump, don’t you?  It’s okay.  You can tell me all of your dirty little secrets.  I want to hear them and I want to role play them with you.

I am no stranger to cock sucking phone sex faggots.  I love hearing a man admit that he gets really hot when he thinks about sucking a cock and swallowing a load of steamy hot jizz.  Believe me when I tell you that you are not alone.  There a lots of guys out there who are hiding their little sissy phone sex fetish.  It’s true.  Way more than you could probably imagine, so go ahead and give me a call and tell me about your visions of visiting a glory hole for the first time.  Tell me about how you fantasize about being used in a hotel by a man that you found in an online hookup.  Tell me about your desire to fluff a big black cock for your wife to ride and how you crave her cream pie after he pumps her full.

I want to hear all about it!  What are you waiting for?  Call me and let me help you explore all of your kinky fantasies today!  No limits, no boundaries, no judgement, just pure fun!

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