Sissy Phone Sex


Are you a sissy phone sex wanna-be looking for a woman who can teach you the in’s and out’s of being a pretty little submissive panty boy?

I’d love to share my cock sucking techniques with you.  We can use some of my favorite sex toys to get you started and then move on to the real thing once you get the hang of deep throating.  Do you need some anal training too?  Well I have a 10-inch black cock dildo that will be the perfect tool to de-flower your sissy phone sex ass!  Bend over and spread those cute little cheeks!

I specialize in sissy phone sex calls so if you need a woman who can help you push your limits, turn you into a full time cum eating faggot, or just offer you an ear when you need to confess to your dirty doings, then give me a call.  I’d love to play naughty with you!

Brandy – 1-888-678-4809

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex


One, two, three… count your strokes for me!  I love guided masturbation phone sex sessions.  Maybe it’s because I have a thing for tease and denial games.  Maybe it’s just the power that I feel when I’m given total cock control.  No matter what the reason is, guided masturbation phone sex can give you an extreme orgasm every time you call.  Why?  Because I know just how to edge you, over and over, and when the time is right, how to take you over that edge and bring you to orgasmic bliss.

Imagine giving yourself over to me – mind and body – and letting me stimulate you in ways you’ve never felt before.  Sit back, relax, and let my erotic and sensual commands take over.

I’ll tell you how to stroke, when to stroke, how fast, how slow…. no two guided masturbation phone sex sessions are alike.

You’re going to love playing with me – pick up the phone and give me a call to get started!

Brandy – 1-888-678-4809

Strap On Phone Sex


Have you ever been on the receiving end of a strap on phone sex session?  Bend over baby, I’m going to lube you up and relax your anal muscles using my fingers and tongue so that you can take my dildo nice and deep.  I want to stretch and fill you while my hips move back and forth in a gentle rocking motion before I turn on the vibration and hear you moan in ecstasy.  Your cock will quiver and your body will shiver as I whisper into your ear, telling you all of the naughty things that I plan to do to you.

Do you like to be teased during your strap on phone sex encounter?  Lie on your back and let me lift your legs up nice and high.  I’ll stroke your cock while I plunge my sex toys, one by one, inside of your hot little hole.  Your cock will drip with pre-cum and I’ll slide my finger across that wet spot and maybe even rub it against your lips so you can taste that salty flavor.

Strap on phone sex isn’t just for anal pleasures though.  I’d love to watch you suck it deep down your throat as I guide that rock hard cock in and out of your waiting mouth.  You’ll feel my hands holding onto the back of your head as I take you, orally, and force you to gag on my big black leather cock.

No matter how sensual, erotic, hardcore or extreme you want your call to be, I can provide you with just the right touch to make you cum, over and over again.

Brandy – 1-888-678-4809