Cock Sucking Fetish Fun with Brandy

Do you ever wake up with a strong urge to suck a big, thick cock?  If you are craving a cock sucking phone sex fetish experience then you have come to the right site.  I love it when a man tells me that he needs to be on his knees, mouth wide open and waiting for me to feed him my boyfriend’s cock.  Nothing is hotter than hearing a married man tell me about his dirty little secret desire during a cock sucking phone sex call.

Imagine being in your office, sitting at your desk when I walk in with a big stud right behind me and a huge smile on my face.  I will lock the door behind me and walk right up to you, pushing your chair back and telling you to drop to your knees.  You know that I will not leave until you have sucked that throbbing cock and drained every drop from his cum filled balls.  You feel so vulnerable and yet so excited anticipating the feel of his rock hard cock as it slides slowly into your mouth and slips deep into your throat.  You look right at me as you begin to move your lips up and down the shaft as I encourage you with my soft and sexy sucking commands, guiding you and stroking your cock all along the way.

Do you need more?  Do you want to get him hard and then bend over that desk and drop your pants so that he can take you completely?  I would love to see the humiliation on your face as you spread your cheeks and take him, knowing full well that you need this.  You want to be filled and stretched around that cock, feeling him pumping you and shooting his load deep inside of you.

No matter how tame or extreme you like it, cock sucking phone sex fantasy play is always more fun when you share it with a woman like me!  Call me soon!

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