Cross Dressing Phone Sex

Cross dressing phone sex loves always get my creative juices flowing and my pussy ready for some mutual masturbation fun!

This morning a new caller dialed my number and when I answered, he told me that he had been digging around in his wife’s closet and he was wearing a red dress with a pair of pink panties underneath.  He was also wearing a matching pink bra.  He said that he couldn’t fit into her high heels but that if he could, he would have those on too.  I love having a clear visual of what a cross dresser is wearing before we begin our call.

I asked the caller what he liked to think about when he was all dressed up and he confessed that he liked to look at himself in the mirror while thinking about being taken advantage of.

I created a scenario where he was at a bar, flirting with a man who was sitting beside him.  The guy slipped something into his drink and when the caller began to feel woozy, the man would offer to drive him home.  Upon arriving at the house, the man would begin kissing my caller, lifting his dress up and pulling his panties to the side.  He would lick his asshole just like it were a pussy and before he knew it, he would feel a nice thick cock pushing into his virgin hole.  As our sissy phone sex fantasy continued, the caller was surprised to find another man added to the scene.  Then another.  And yes, another until he had cock pumping into his mouth, into his ass and his hand was pumping a cock that was positioned right over his face.

The caller was so turned on that when I suggested he lift his legs up over the shoulders of the man who was fucking his ass, he began to moan and squirm.  I told him to stroke his little clitty through his pink panties and that’s when he exploded in orgasm, making those panties soaking wet with creamy cum.

I love fetish calls like this one and would love to make your personal favorite fantasy come to life too!  Call this mature phone sex mommy to make it happen!

Brandy – 1-888-678-4809

Cum Eating Phone Sex with Brandy

If you have a secret fetish for cum then you really need to call me and experience a cum eating phone sex encounter that will bring all of your kinky desires to life.

I would love to help you get over that mental block that keeps you from actually going through it for the very first time.  Yes, I know all about it.  You really want to taste it or be forced to cum into your own mouth or to clean up your mess after you’ve shot a wad but after you actually orgasm, the desire instantly leaves you and you find yourself both sexually satisfied but also feeling like you have let yourself down because you haven’t gone through with it.

I can assure you that you are not alone.  Many men experience the exact same feelings but now that you have found me, those feelings of disappointment are about to change.

When it comes to cum eating phone sex fetish calls, I will take you over the edge and help you to accomplish that dirty and very taboo task of cleaning up.  Whether it is a cream pie that you are looking to lick out or you have secret thoughts about becoming a cock sucking phone sex sissy, being forced to swallow a load, I will give you that extra boost to help you get the job done.

My sexy and seductive voice will convince you complete the clean-up, encouraging you in the most erotic ways so that you won’t want to let me down.  You will feel how much it turns me on to make you follow through to completion, you will hear it in my voice.

As you continue your calls with me (and I know you will), you will begin to look forward to the many different ways that you will enjoy the cum eating phone sex sessions that we get into together.

I am experienced and confident phone sex mommy who is mature, intelligent, creative and sexy and will always guide you with a patient and compassionate hand.

Call me when you are ready to take your favorite fetish to the next level of play!

Brandy – 1-888-678-4809